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1Mln People Enter Colombia Amid Venezuela Crisis

At least one million people have entered Colombia from Venezuela since President Nicolas Maduro's government descended into crisis last year, a senior Red Cross official said.

Can Venezuela’s Oil Industry Make a Recovery?

Venezuela’s oil industry is collapsing. According to Francisco Monaldi, oil production is now less than half of the level that prevailed when Hugo Chavez...

Int’l Criminal Court Probes Crimes in Philippines, Venezuela

The International Criminal Court unveiled two probes into the deadly war on drugs in the Philippines and alleged abuses during Venezuela's political unrest.

Venezuela Slides Away From Democracy Yet Again

Democracy continues to remain elusive in Venezuela as the country grapples with a National Constituent Assembly that challenges Congress' right to govern.

Daily Arrivals of Venezuelan Refugees to Columbia Reach 4,000

As Venezuela is enduring one of the worst political and economic crises in its history, more and more people try to leave the country.

Top Venezuela Court Excludes Opposition From Presidential Election

Venezuela's top court excluded the opposition from an upcoming presidential election, clearing the way for unpopular President Maduro to win another term.

Four Dead, Dozens Missing as Venezuelan Migrant Boat Sinks

At least four people drowned and dozens are reported missing after a boat carrying Venezuelan migrants sank on its way to the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Almost 70 Media Outlets Close in Venezuela in 2017, Attacks on...

Venezuela saw almost 70 newspapers, TV and radio stations close in 2017 while attacks on journalists rose, the main media union said Wednesday.

Day of Venezuela’s Likely Debt Default Approaches

Longstanding fears of a Venezuela debt default crystallized Wednesday, as the political crisis engulfing the sinking oil-rich OPEC state deepened.

Trump Administration Adds North Korea, Venezuela to New Travel Ban

U.S. President Donald J. Trump introduced a new ban on Sunday that imposes travel restrictions on foreigners from eight countries, including North Korea, Venezuela...

Cuba, Missing Piece For Ending Venezuela’s Crisis

As the crisis intensifies in Venezuela, policymakers in Washington, D.C., continue to explore the idea of a regional solution involving other Latin American countries....

Trump Signals Military Intervention In Venezuela If Necessary

President Donald J. Trump has said military intervention is on the table if necessary to prevent the crisis in Venezuela from spinning out of...

US Slams Venezuelan Officials With Fresh Sanctions

The United States has imposed another round of sanctions on several Venezuelan officials linked to President Nicolas Maduro, falling short of hitting the country's...

Venezuela’s Real Problem Is Financial

CARACAS -- Massive protests in Venezuela’s largest cities against President Nicolas Maduro are now reaching more than 80 days, and show no signs of...

Rogue Venezuelan Police Attack Gov’t In ‘Coup Plot’

A rogue faction within Venezuela's police force attacked the country's Supreme Court on Tuesday, with helicopters dropping grenades, plunging the country into a new...