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Kremlin Brands US Sanctions Against Chechen Strongman ‘Illegal’

Russia branded US sanctions against Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov "illegal and unfriendly" after Washington accused him of involvement in murder and torture.

US Envoy Says ‘Real Dialogue’ Needed with North Korea

The top U.S. envoy for North Korea said Friday that "real dialogue" is needed to gauge what Pyongyang wants from its accelerated drive towards nuclear weapons statehood.

Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Could Alienate US Arab Allies

President Donald Trump's decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel risks alienating US allies in the region and strengthening Islamic radicals.

Putin Tries to Excuse the System He Built in Russia

Russian hackers linked to the Kremlin are accused of interfering in democratic processes in the West, from elections to referendums to independence votes

Russia Registers 9 US Media Outlets as ‘Foreign Agents’

Russia's justice ministry on Tuesday named nine US media outlets including Voice of America as "foreign agents" after President Vladimir Putin signed a law last month allowing international media to be slapped with the controversial label.

Russian Duma May Ban US Media Access to Parliament

Russia's State Duma will decide next week whether to prohibit all American media from the parliament after RT lost media credentials for Congress.

Troika ‘Appalled’ by Dire Humanitarian Situation in South Sudan

Norway, the United Kingdom and United States said in a joint statement on Thursday that the humanitarian and security situation in South Sudan remains dire, following the visit by a Troika delegation to the region. 

China Raises Doubts on US Policy on North Korea

China has said it hopes countries would do more to bring North Korea and others back to talks instead of making tensions worse.

Russian Lawmakers Approve Bill Targeting Foreign Media

Russia's Duma approved a bill allowing the government to register foreign media outlets as foreign agents in retaliation to the US demands made to RT

Macron Says Europe Should Make Up Climate Money

French President Emmanuel Macron says Europe should make up funding for the UN climate change panel left by the US decision to hold back its contribution.

New UNESCO Chief Brushes Off US Pullout

PARIS (AFP) – UNESCO's new chief on Monday brushed aside the United States' decision to walk out of the U.N. cultural body, saying the...

ICC Probe Could Hold US Accountable for Torture in Afghanistan

A new ICC probe could find the US is responsible for human rights violations in Afghanistan. The court will also look at Afghan forces and the Taliban.

Russia Drafts ‘Reciprocal Measures’ Over US Demands on Kremlin Channel

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russian lawmakers began work Friday on measures against US media after Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT was ordered by Washington to register as...

US Diplomats Apologise After Top Indonesian General Denied Entry

U.S. diplomats apologised after the head of Indonesia’s armed forces was denied entry to the U.S., even though he had been invited by his U.S. counterpart.

Russia May Demand Further Reductions to US Diplomatic Staff

The Kremlin may force the United States to cut its diplomatic staff to 300 people in response to the seizure of Russian diplomatic property...

Sheriff: At Least 50 People Killed, Over 500 Injured in Las...

At least 50 people are dead and 500 others are injured following a mass shooting in the city of Las Vegas, police said on...

US Detects No Change in Posture of N. Korean Military, Top...

The U.S. military has not detected any change in posture of North Korean forces despite the politically charged rhetoric coming from Pyongyang, Chairman of...

Trump Administration Adds North Korea, Venezuela to New Travel Ban

U.S. President Donald J. Trump introduced a new ban on Sunday that imposes travel restrictions on foreigners from eight countries, including North Korea, Venezuela...

US Strikes Against ISIS Camp in Libya Kill 17 Fighters

The U.S. military carried out six strikes against an Islamic State camp in Libya killing 17 fighters, the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) said in...

Trump’s Praise for Erdogan Has Nothing to do With Actual State...

U.S. President Donald J. Trump has been at odds with many world leaders. However, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seemingly not one of...