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The Last Straw: Restaurants Rush to Cut Plastic Use

Plastic pollution around the globe is increasing, and in the long-term, it could impact the life of more than just sea. Sea turtles and bird species often mistake plastic for safe food. Humans might face a similar problem.

How Austerity Mindset Created New Opportunities for British Public Services

Political consensuses come and go. That is the nature of politics. But some deserve longer shelf lives than others, and "austerity" is one of them.

Can You Recover From Nerve Gas Poisoning?

As poisoned Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal was said to be on the mend Friday, toxicology experts warned the nerve agent used on him could leave long-term damage.

17 Western Nations Expel Russian Diplomats Over UK Spy Attack

Sixteen Western states announced their decision on Monday to expel Russian diplomats in a coordinated response to the nerve agent attack in the UK.

UK Lawyers Ask for Saudi Arabia Suspension From UN Body

Two British human rights lawyers want Saudi Arabia to be suspended from the UN Human Rights Council over 61 people "arbitrarily detained or disappeared" by the country's authorities.

Modern Slavery in UK: One Courageous Woman’s Story

In developed countries, modern slavery is thriving, with tens of thousands of people estimated to be in modern slavery and sexual exploitation in the UK.

EU Brexit Chief Preparing for ‘Possible’ Failure in Talks With UK

E.U. Brexit chief Michel Barnier said Sunday that he is making contingency plans for the "possible" failure of divorce talks with Britain.

EU Gives Britain Two-Week Brexit Deadline

E.U. Brexit Chief Barnier handed the UK a two-week ultimatum on Friday to make concessions on a divorce agreement need to hold the next phase of talks.

The US and UK Could Resolve the Yemen Crisis

Yemen suffers one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. Unlike a tsunami or an earthquake however, it is a man-made catastrophe.