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Youssef Cherif: Tunisian Elections Proof of Democratic Transition

Eight years ago, Tunisia was the first domino to fall in the Middle East. But it remained as the only one to stand up...

Tunisia’s Revolutionary Youth Disillusioned Ahead of Polls

Clean streets, functional transportation, a football field... young Tunisians aren't asking for the moon from their soon-to-be elected officials, but many are sceptical about whether they will bring real change.

Italian Police Break Tunisian Human-Trafficking Ring

Italian police broke up a gang including suspects with jihadist sympathies who charged migrants thousands of euros to rush them in speedboats across the Mediterranean from Tunisia.

Tunisia President Discusses Reforms With Unions, Employers After Protests

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi held talks with political parties, unions and employers to discuss means to overcome a week of unrest.

Old Wounds Take Tunisians Back to Streets Again

While Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution aimed to bring about greater economic improvement, life has actually deteriorated for Tunisians.

More Than 200 Arrested, Dozens Hurt in Tunisia Unrest

More than 200 people were arrested and dozens hurt during clashes in several parts of Tunisia, the interior ministry said Wednesday.

Has Democracy Succeeded in Tunisia?

Tunisia is the birthplace of the Arab Spring, and is hailed as the only Arab nation to achieve democracy. While some Middle Eastern and...