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Migrants Held in limbo After Police Dismantle Sarajevo Camp

Hundreds of migrants were left in limbo for hours Friday after Bosnian police dismantled a makeshift camp in Sarajevo.

1Mln People Enter Colombia Amid Venezuela Crisis

At least one million people have entered Colombia from Venezuela since President Nicolas Maduro's government descended into crisis last year, a senior Red Cross official said.

100,000 Migrants Fled to War-Torn Yemen in 2017

Nearly 100,000 migrants fled last year to Yemen, itself gripped by war and impending famine, to escape poverty and violence at home, the International...

Hungary Refuses to Sign Euro-African Declaration Mentioning Migration Advantages

Hungary on Wednesday refused to sign a declaration recognising the advantages of migration, despite its adoption by more than 50 European and African countries at a Morocco conference.

Is Myanmar Using Facebook as an Accomplice to Tyranny?

The efficient deployment of propaganda is a central tenet in the playbook used to concentrate power. Myanmar is no stranger to that playbook.

500 Syrian Refugees Leave Southern Lebanon to Return Home

Around 500 Syrian refugees left southern Lebanon on Wednesday under an agreement between authorities in Beirut and Damascus that provides for their return to their home country.

Austria to Seize Refugees’ Mobile Phones and Demand Cash

The Austrian cabinet approved new measures on Wednesday requiring asylum seekers to hand over their mobile phones and up to 840 euros ($1,040) in cash to the authorities.

Sweden Charges Chinese Man With Spying on Tibetan Refugees

Swedish prosecutors on Wednesday charged a 49-year-old Chinese man with espionage for allegedly gathering intelligence on Tibetan refugees in Sweden and Norway for China.

Myanmar Sentences 7 Soldiers to 10 Years Over Rohingya Killings

Seven soldiers in Myanmar were sentenced for their part in the extrajudicial killings of 10 Rohingya Muslim men, according to a Facebook post by the army chief late on Tuesday.

UN: Conditions in Myanmar ‘Not Conducive’ to Return of Rohingya

Conditions in Myanmar's crisis-hit northern Rakhine state are "not conducive" to bringing back Rohingya who fled to Bangladesh, a senior U.N. official said.

Bangladesh to Relocate 100,000 Rohingya to Deserted Island

Bangladesh will begin relocating around 100,000 Rohingya refugees to a desolate island off its southern coast in June, despite warnings the site is prone to violent weather.

Israel Changes Controversial Plan to Deport African Migrants

Israel announced Monday it had reached a deal with the U.N. refugee agency to cancel a controversial plan to deport African migrants and replace it with a new one.

Myanmar Lures Bangladesh Buddhists to Take Over Rohingya Land

Myanmar authorities have lured dozens of mainly Buddhist Bangladeshi tribal families to cross the border and resettle on land abandoned by fleeing Muslim Rohingya.

Bangladesh Begins Relocating Rohingya Refugees Before Monsoon

Bangladesh has begun relocating 100,000 Rohingya refugees to safer ground before the monsoon season for fear of deadly landslides and floods in the congested camps.

Myanmar Clears Several Hundred Rohingya for Return

A Bangladesh official said Myanmar had approved several hundred Rohingya from a list of thousands to return to their homeland.

Bangladesh Sees Meth Boom Amid Rohingya Crisis

Bangladesh security forces have seized nearly nine million methamphetamine pills in less than three months amid smuggling boosted by a massive influx of Rohingya refugees.

UK’s ‘Unfair’ Refugee Laws Keep Families Apart

Under the current law, the U.K. is one of only two European countries that doesn't grant child refugees the right to be reunited with even their closest family members. A new family reunion bill may change that.

UN: ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ of Myanmar’s Rohingya Continues

Myanmar is continuing its "ethnic cleansing" of the Rohingya with a "campaign of terror and forced starvation" in Rakhine state, a U.N. human rights envoy said.

Flareup of Ethnic Unrest in DR Congo Leaves 33 Dead

Thirty-three people were killed in a new outbreak of ethnic violence overnight in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Ituri province.

Number of Illegal Migrants Entering EU Sharply Dropped in 2017 [Report]

The number of detected illegal border-crossings into the European Union dropped to the lowest level since the migrant crisis began four years ago.