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The Last Straw: Restaurants Rush to Cut Plastic Use

Plastic pollution around the globe is increasing, and in the long-term, it could impact the life of more than just sea. Sea turtles and bird species often mistake plastic for safe food. Humans might face a similar problem.

Toxic Pollution Replaces Taliban Threat for Many Afghans in Kabul

Breathing has recently become hazardous in the Afghan capital city of Kabul due to mounting air pollution that has started to fuel temporary migration.

Can We Save Our Waters from the World’s Plastic Binge?

With reports warning that the ocean could have more plastic than fish by 2050, advocates are working to clean up the pollution.

Schools Shut as Toxic Smog Hits Delhi

NEW DELHI (AFP) – Delhi authorities shut all schools in the Indian capital on Wednesday as pollution hit nearly 30 times the World Health...