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Poland Threatens EU Over ‘Populist Backlash’ if Stripped Of Voting Rights

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Thursday handed Brussels a detailed defense of Warsaw's controversial judicial reforms and warned that any E.U. disciplinary action regarding Article 7 procedure could fuel a "populist" backlash.

Polish Ruling Party’s Crusade Against Judicial Independence

New regulations are springing up in Poland as the country's ruling right-wing party continues to reform the judiciary system.

Holocaust Row: Israel Concerned With Anti-Semitic Statements in Poland

The Israeli embassy in Warsaw expressed concern on Friday over a "wave of anti-Semitic statements" in Poland, as a diplomatic row between countries continues.

Amid Influx of Refugees to Europe, Polish Authorities Dream of ‘re-Christianization’

While Europe struggles with an influx of refugees, Poland has taken a hard stance against migrants and dreams of "re-Christianizing" the continent. 

EU Triggers Unprecedented Censure Process Against Poland

The European Commission launched unprecedented disciplinary proceedings against Poland on Wednesday over controversial judicial reforms.

Tens of Thousands Join Polish Nationalists’ March on Independence Day

Carrying Polish flags and throwing red smoke bombs, tens of thousands of people on Saturday joined a march in Warsaw organised by far-right nationalists.