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Protests Rock Iraqi Kurdistan for Second Day

Protesters in Iraqi Kurdistan torched a mayor's office and stormed a party building as anger raged for a second day over the fallout from an independence vote.

UN Mission Urges Baghdad and Erbil to Start Political Negotiations

The UN Mission urged the governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan region to start talks after a court ruled Erbil's independence referendum unconstitutional.

Kurdistan Regional Government Accepts Nullification of Independence Referendum

The Kurdistan Regional Government said it would accept the decision by Iraq's supreme court to nullify the results of the region's independence referendum.

Iraqi Kurdistan President Barzani to Leave Office

Masoud Barzani, president of Iraqi Kurdistan, is stepping down from the office he has held since 2005 amid disputes with Baghdad.

Turkey Can Undermine Kurdistan’s Path to Independence

Iraqi Kurds defied all odds, international calls to delay the vote and threats from their neighbors, to decide their future in Monday’s independence referendum....

Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament Approves Independence Referendum

In its first session in nearly two years, the parliament of the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq voted to hold the independence referendum on...

Minister Falah Mustafa: Independent Kurdistan Will Be a Good Neighbor

Falah Mustafa wants to be a good neighbor. The minister, who has headed the Kurdistan Regional Government Department of Foreign Relations for over a...

Kurdistan Parliament to Reconvene This Week After 2-Year Suspension

The parliament of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq will reconvene this week and hold its first session since 2015, according to a statement...

Kurdistan Referendum Finds Little Support Amid Warnings of Regional Instability

On Friday, Kurds living outside of the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq can register online to cast a ballot in an independence referendum that...