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Italian Police Break Tunisian Human-Trafficking Ring

Italian police broke up a gang including suspects with jihadist sympathies who charged migrants thousands of euros to rush them in speedboats across the Mediterranean from Tunisia.

The Thin Line Between Anti-Migration and Racism

Italian political élite, regardless of its affiliation, should unmask and condemn racism. Because racism, once instigated, is difficult to eradicate.

2018 Italian Elections: Another Populist Government in Europe? [Not Really]

High unemployment, the incessant flow of migrants and an incompetent government compelled Italians to vote for anti-elite and right-wing parties who promised lavish public spending and attractive flat tax rate.

Populists Battle Over Right to Govern Italy

Rival populist leaders fought Monday for the right to govern Italy after their surge in a general election left the country in political limbo.

Vote ‘Mess’ in Italy Could Lead to EU Reform Blow

The E.U. struggled Monday to absorb the shock of a populist breakthrough in Italy amid fears that the anti-migrant blowback would threaten a post-Brexit reform.

Chanting ‘Italians First’, Right-Wing Groups March Across Italy

Tens of thousands of people marched in rival far-right and anti-fascist demonstrations across Italy on Saturday, with isolated clashes erupting.

3 Officers Injured in Clashes With Anti-Fascist Protesters in Italy

Three police officers have been injured after clashes with anti-fascist protesters in the northwestern Italian city of Turin.

Anti-Fascist Protesters Rally in Italian Towns

Thousands of anti-fascist demonstrators rallied in the central Italian town of Macerata and other cities on Saturday, a week after a far-right gunman shot and wounded six Africans.

Italian President Reminds of ‘Extreme Nationalism’ Risks

Italy's President Sergio Mattarella warned Friday against the "grave risks of extreme nationalism" as the country was gripped by high racial tensions.

Wave of Support for Italian Fascist Shooter Who Targeted Immigrants

Italian far-right sympathiser Luca Traini, who was accused of shooting six African migrants in a racist attack, has received a wave of support from "ordinary people."

Prime Minister: Italy to Send Troops to Niger to Stem Migrant...

Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni said Thursday that Rome will be sending 470 soldiers to Niger to help stem the flow of Europe-bound migrants.

‘Humanitarian Corridor’ Opened from Libya to Europe

A group of 162 "vulnerable" refugees were flown directly from Libya to Italy on Friday for the first time.

Migrants Risk Lives on Snowy Alpine Paths to Reach France

African migrants are increasingly braving the snow-clad Alps in efforts to evade immigration police and reach France from Italy.

Italy Seizes $58Mln Worth of ISIS ‘Fighter Drugs’

Italy seized more than 24 million Tramadol tablets, known as "fighter drugs," at the port of Gioia Tauro while they were en route from India to Libya.