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No Hope for Justice: Struggle of Falsely Accused of Terror in...

Over the past decade, hundreds of men, almost always Muslims, have been arrested in India on terror charges and left in jails for years on end with little justice in sight.

At Least 125 Killed in India’s Dust Storm

A huge dust storm and lightning strikes killed at least 125 people across India which braced on Thursday for more wild weather.

Modi-Xi Summit: a New Beginning in India-China Relations

The meeting between India's Narendra Modi and China's Xi Jinping in Wuhan, Hubei province, this week will draw much global attention.

Chinese, Indian Leaders to Meet for ‘Informal Summit’

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet in central China this week, Beijing announced on Sunday, as the Asian powers work to improve strained ties.

Rape-Killing of 7-Year-Old Heightens Outrage in India

The body of a seven-year-old girl who had been raped and strangled was found in India Tuesday, compounding outrage over a series of horrific sexual attacks on women or girls.

Murder of 8-Year-Old in India is Used to Polarize Communities, Normalize...

The rape and murder of an eight-year-old tribal Muslim girl in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir has become an issue of national outrage.

Outrage After 8-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped and Killed in India

Demonstrations were held in New Delhi, and other cities as horrific details emerged of the murder of the 8-year-old Muslim girl, who was repeatedly raped while being held for five days in the city of Kathua in Jammu.

ISIS Scare in Kashmir: Political Games or Reality?

India's Minister of State for Home Affairs Hansraj Gangaram Ahir said the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and States Police were investigating 75 individuals linked to ISIS in 11 states.

Police Arrest Indian Editor for Publishing Fake News on Monk

Indian police have arrested the editor of a website for publishing a fake report that Muslims had attacked a monk from the Jain faith.

Fake News in India Widens Communal Polarization

Like in many other countries, there has been a marked proliferation of spurious websites and social media handles in India.

UNICEF: India Leads Global Decline in Child Marriages

A significant drop in Indian girls being forced into marriage has led a global decline in the number of child brides, the United Nations said Tuesday.

Females in India ‘Systematically Exterminated in Gynocide’

India, the second most populous country in the world, is facing a crisis - a "gynocide" or wrongful killing of thousands of girls and women.

Indian Muslims Took to Streets to Protest Against Netanyahu’s Visit

Indian Muslims took to the streets as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the country with a six-day visit.

Indian Police Probe Reporter After Data Leak Story

Indian police are probing the reporter behind a story on leaks from a government database containing the personal details of more than a billion people.

Three Dead, Including Civilian, As Violence Surges in Kashmir

Indian forces shot dead 2 suspected rebels in Indian-administered Kashmir in clashes that also killed a young woman as the deadliest year of the decade in the disputed territory draws to a close.

‘At Least We Will Live at Peace’: Families Ask Kashmir to...

Families of people disappeared in disputed Kashmir have asked the Indian government to investigate thousands of uncovered unmarked mass graves.

Life Below: India’s Sewers Can be Deadly for the Men Who...

Although banned by the government, manual scavenging continues in India, presenting health hazards and stigma for the workers who clean the sewers.

Schools Shut as Toxic Smog Hits Delhi

NEW DELHI (AFP) – Delhi authorities shut all schools in the Indian capital on Wednesday as pollution hit nearly 30 times the World Health...

India: Discarding the Upper-Lower Caste Identities

In the Indian caste context, we glorify anti-humanity discourses as the respected "upper castes" and the others as the "lower castes."

Cases of Media Intimidation on the Rise in India

The number of attacks against journalists has been on the rise in India, bringing into the spotlight the question of media freedom in the country.