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China Slams UK Over Warnings on Hong Kong Liberties

Beijing hit back at Britain on Friday over a report condemning jailings of democracy activists and the disqualification of rebel lawmakers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Candidate Cleared to Run in Upcoming Election

Edward Liu, a pro-democracy candidate in Hong Kong's upcoming election, has been cleared to run following demonstrations on his behalf.

Protest in Hong Kong After Authorities Bar Activist From Elections

Protesters in Hong Kong gathered outside the government's headquarters Sunday evening after a leading pro-democracy activist was barred from upcoming elections.

Hong Kong Democracy Activist Joshua Wong Released on Bail

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong was released on bail Tuesday pending appeal against a jail term over pro-democracy protests.

Hong Kong Democracy Activist Joshua Wong Jailed

Joshua Wong became a leading figure in the fight for democracy in Hong Kong since his involvement in the 2014 Umbrella Movement.

China Extends National Anthem Law to Hong Kong, Further Undermining the...

China voted to extend a national anthem law to Hong Kong, another reminder that Beijing aims to fully incorporate the city into the mainland legal system.

Activists Renew Push for Hong Kong Independence

Hong Kong independence activists stepped up their campaign, with the semi-autonomous city increasingly divided over signs of Beijing's growing influence.

Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Student Leaders Imprisoned

Three student leaders of Hong Kong's so-called Umbrella Movement that rattled the island nation three years ago, including Joshua Wong, were sentenced up to...