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Far-Right Attack Migrants During Sit-In Protest in Greece

A far-right group launched a violent attack overnight on migrants staging a sit-in protest on the Greek island of Lesbos, injuring around a dozen people.

Vote ‘Mess’ in Italy Could Lead to EU Reform Blow

The E.U. struggled Monday to absorb the shock of a populist breakthrough in Italy amid fears that the anti-migrant blowback would threaten a post-Brexit reform.

German Far-Right Politician Under Fire for Anti-Muslim Tweet

German police have asked prosecutors to investigate a prominent member of Germany's far-right AfD party regarding an anti-Muslim tweet that incites hatred.

European Far-Right Leaders to Gather for Conference in Prague

Europe's far-right leaders will gather for a controversial conference in Prague on Saturday held under tight security amid protests.

Tens of Thousands Join Polish Nationalists’ March on Independence Day

Carrying Polish flags and throwing red smoke bombs, tens of thousands of people on Saturday joined a march in Warsaw organised by far-right nationalists.