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Egypt Opens Gaza Border for Ramadan After Protesters Killed

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has taken the rare decision to open the Rafah border crossing with Gaza for the entire holy month of Ramadan after Israel killed some 60 Palestinian protesters in the enclave this week.

American Football Unexpectedly Grows in the Land of the Nile

The rise of American football in Egypt is unexpected. Egypt is the only country in the Middle East and Africa which boasts a domestic league: the Egyptian Federation of American Football (EFAF).

Humanitarian Crisis Looms in Northern Sinai Amid Fight Against ISIS

Egypt's military operations against an affiliate of the Islamic State group in North Sinai is threatening to spark a humanitarian crisis.

Egypt Opens Gaza Border Ahead of New Protests Against Israel

Egypt on Thursday opened its largely sealed border with the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip for three days, on the eve of more planned protests against Israel.

How President Sisi Consolidated Power in Egypt

Abdel-Moneim Abu al-Fotouh was among those detained in an escalating series of arrests in Egypt ahead of the upcoming presidential elections on March 26....

Egypt Expels British Journalist for The Times

A British journalist for The Times has been expelled from Egypt in a move it said reflected the "oppressive environment" created there for the press.

President Sisi: Egyptians Should Vote to Show ‘Country is Ruled by...

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi urged Egyptians on Wednesday to vote in next week's election to show they are in charge, a day after he denied any role in excluding his rivals.

Unlikely Partners: How Egypt Benefits from Ties With Israel

Egyptian leader al-Sisi is utilizing Cairo’s good relationship with Israel to maintain warm ties with Washington and benefit from newly discovered oil riches of Eastern Mediterranean.

Egypt Presidential Race Starts With Sisi Likely to Win

Campaigning began in Egypt's presidential election on Saturday with incumbent Abdel Fattah al-Sisi likely to romp to victory.

Egyptian Court Puts Government Critic on Terror List

An Egyptian court put leading government critic Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh and 15 others on terror lists at the request of the public prosecutor.

Egyptian Laws Punishing Rape Insufficiently Help Victims of Violence

Sexual violence, a significant legal and social problem in Egypt, has been a growing phenomenon over the past decade. It has been trivially tackled by the Egyptian criminal justice system.

Ex-Presidential Candidate Abul Fotouh Arrested in Egypt

Egyptian police arrested on Wednesday a leading government critic and party leader Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh.

Egyptian Authorities Jail 17 for Life Over Deadly 2014 Unrest

A Cairo court on Sunday handed 17 people life sentences over unrest that saw the deaths of three civilians during anti-government protests in 2014.

Another Sisi Rival at Risk of Exiting Egypt Election Race

General Sami Anan has been accused of breaking the law right his bid to run for presidency, argues the current president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Egypt Extends State of Emergency for 3 Months

Egyptian lawmakers on Tuesday extended for three months a state of emergency first declared following deadly April church bombings.

Egyptian Court Sentences Ex-President Morsi to 3 Years in Prison

An Egyptian court sentenced ousted Islamist President Morsi to three years in prison along with 19 other defendants for "insulting the judiciary."

Nine Dead After Gunman Attacks Egypt Church

A gunman opened fire on a church south of Cairo on Friday, killing at least nine people in the latest attack on the country's Christian minority.

Officials: Egypt Hangs 15 Over Attacks on Security Forces

Egyptian authorities on Tuesday executed 15 prisoners convicted of attacks on security forces in the restive Sinai Peninsula, police officials said.

Cyprus, Greece, Egypt Vow Closer Security Cooperation in Mediterranean

Cyprus, Greece and Egypt pledged closer cooperation on combatting terrorism and people trafficking in the Eastern Mediterranean.

What do the New Arab Media Leaders Think of Press Freedom?

Participants at the Young Arab Media Leaders Program in Dubai said press freedom in their home countries was lacking, but improving.