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China Border Town Sees Property Boom as World Warms to N....

The dramatic diplomatic thaw on the Korean peninsula is sparking an unexpected economic windfall on the Chinese border, where property prices are skyrocketing.

How Austerity Mindset Created New Opportunities for British Public Services

Political consensuses come and go. That is the nature of politics. But some deserve longer shelf lives than others, and "austerity" is one of them.

China’s Economic Growth to Slow Next Year, Says State Think Tank

China's economy will improve this year but slow slightly in 2018 with government investment seen easing as leaders look to recalibrate the growth dynamic.

France Holds Fourth Day of National Anti-Macron Protests

Two of France's biggest workers' unions are staging nationwide protests against President Emmanuel Macron and his economic reforms for a fourth day.

Saudi Arabia to Begin Issuing Tourist Visas Soon

Authorities in Saudi Arabia announced their intent on Tuesday to start issuing tourist visas in an attempt to diversify oil-dependent economy.