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Medical Charity: Cholera Cases Mount in Flood-Hit DR Congo

Floods and mudslides in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital Kinshasa have caused cholera cases to rise over five-fold to more than 100 a week.

UN Leaders: Yemen is the World’s ‘Worst Humanitarian Crisis’

United Nations leaders urged the Saudi-led coalition to lift the blockade on Yemen's borders, calling the situation the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

World Health Organization Seeks to Reduce Cholera Deaths by 90%

More than 50 UN and international agencies have developed an ambitious plan to reduce deaths from cholera by 90 percent by 2030. The new program,...

Nearly 1 Million Cholera Vaccine Doses Sent to Bangladesh as NGOs...

Roughly 900,000 doses of an oral cholera vaccine from the global stockpile will be sent to Bangladesh to prevent the spread of cholera among...

Yemen’s Cholera Outbreak Clouds Real Threat of Man-Made Starvation

The final death toll from the resurgence of cholera in Yemen in the spring and summer of 2017 has yet to be seen, but...