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Chinese Déjà Vu: Beijing Sends Foreign Minister to N.Korea

Earlier this week, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited North Korea for the first time in 11 years. This development created a sense of déjà vu: circumstances were similar in 2007, when Yang Jiechi, then foreign minister of China, visited Pyongyang.

China Border Town Sees Property Boom as World Warms to N....

The dramatic diplomatic thaw on the Korean peninsula is sparking an unexpected economic windfall on the Chinese border, where property prices are skyrocketing.

Knife Attacker Kills 7 Children, Wounds 12 in China

A knife-wielding man with a grudge killed seven middle school children and injured 12 others as they returned home in northern China on Friday.

Modi-Xi Summit: a New Beginning in India-China Relations

The meeting between India's Narendra Modi and China's Xi Jinping in Wuhan, Hubei province, this week will draw much global attention.

Chinese, Indian Leaders to Meet for ‘Informal Summit’

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet in central China this week, Beijing announced on Sunday, as the Asian powers work to improve strained ties.

Going Anti-American to Go Pro-American: North Korea’s Nuclear Agenda

After long years of self-reclusion, why did Kim Jeong-Un suddenly withdrew his dogged insistence on wielding nuclear weapons and partially yielded to the demands of the US and the global community?

Sweden Charges Chinese Man With Spying on Tibetan Refugees

Swedish prosecutors on Wednesday charged a 49-year-old Chinese man with espionage for allegedly gathering intelligence on Tibetan refugees in Sweden and Norway for China.

Some Advice for Trump from Sun Tzu: ‘Know Your Enemy’

In his recent dealings with China, Trump is resorting to the confrontational tactics. He has yet to learn that in foreign affairs, particularly with Beijing, these tactics never work.

To Thwart China and Russia, EU Plans to Embrace Balkans

Burdened by its own problems, the EU has neglected the Balkans, giving an opportunity to other global actors like China and Russia to make strategic gains in the region.

Voice of China: Beijing’s New Push to Improve Global Image

Beijing announced the launch of a new mega-broadcaster -- via merging its largest state television and radio stations -- to improve its international image.

N. Korea’s Kim Shows Unity With China During First Foreign Trip

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was given a lavish welcome by Chinese President Xi Jinping during a secretive trip to Beijing as both sides try to repair frayed relations.

Taking Central Stage: China Invests in Expanding Global Influence

Beijing has said the government would increase its spending on foreign affairs by 15 percent to 60 billion yuan, or $9.45 billion.

China Slams UK Over Warnings on Hong Kong Liberties

Beijing hit back at Britain on Friday over a report condemning jailings of democracy activists and the disqualification of rebel lawmakers in Hong Kong.

China Silences Online Critics of Unlimited Presidential Term Move

Expressions like “disagree” and “I oppose” have been blocked on Chinese social media platforms, shortly after the proposal to revise the country’s presidential term limit.

HRW: China Is Using Big Data to Detain Individuals in Xinjiang

Chinese authorities are using big data and predictive computing power to flag and detain individuals deemed threatening in the western Xinjiang region.

White House: Xi’s Term Limits ‘Decision for China to Make’

The White House said on Monday a decision that could see Chinese leader Xi Jinping rule for life was an internal matter for the authorities in Beijing.

China’s Former Internet Czar Expelled from Communist Party

China's former internet czar Lu Wei, who oversaw a tightening of online censorship during his tenure, has been expelled from the Communist Party for taking bribes.

China has Arrested an EU Citizen, German Ambassador Alarmed

Swedish booksheller Gui Minhai has again been arrested in China. Germany's Ambassador to China is alarmed and warns that other EU citizens may be at risk of arrest.

Journalist Rights Continue to Decline in China

A new report suggests that journalist rights in China have only gotten worse in the already highly repressive and censored country.

Protest in Hong Kong After Authorities Bar Activist From Elections

Protesters in Hong Kong gathered outside the government's headquarters Sunday evening after a leading pro-democracy activist was barred from upcoming elections.