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Catalonia: a Story of Judges and Clowns

Spain is banalizing real social threats, like terrorism and hate, to criminalize the Catalan secessionist movement.

Spanish Court Expands Probe of Catalan Separatist Leaders

Spain's Supreme Court widened its probe into Catalan separatists over their independence drive to include six more politicians

Catalan Separatists Win Absolute Parliamentary Majority

Catalan separatists won a crucial snap poll Thursday, plunging their region into further uncertainty after a failed independence bid rattled Europe.

Catalans Vote in Bid to Solve Independence Crisis

Catalans began voting Thursday in an election that could mark a turning point for the region, just months after a secession bid triggered Spain's worst political crisis in decades.

Belgium Ends Extradition Case Against Catalan Leader Puigdemont

A Belgian court closed extradition proceedings against deposed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont after Spain dropped the European arrest warrant against him.

Spain’s Supreme Court Orders 2 Former Catalan Officials Held in Jail

Spain's supreme court on Monday ordered six former Catalan government officials released on bail but remanded two, the former deputy prime minister Oriol Junqueras and interior minister Joaquim Forn. 

Catalonia VS. Kosovo: How Different Are the Cases?

The Catalan independence vote did not affect only the region itself, it stirred up controversy in Serbia, which has had its own share of struggles.

Catalan Ex-leader Says Independence Not Only Solution to Crisis

Carles Puigdemont said there could be solutions to Spain's political crisis other than independence for the Catalan region.

Catalan Speaker Spends Night in Jail for Independence Drive

MADRID (AFP) – The speaker of Catalonia's dismissed parliament spent the night in jail over her role in the region's independence drive, a judicial...

No Belgian ‘Crisis’ Over Deposed Catalan Leader Puigdemont: PM

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel on Wednesday denied his government was in "crisis" over the arrival of deposed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, an issue...

Spain to Issue Arrest Warrant for Catalan Leader Puigdemont

Madrid (AFP) - A judge in Madrid was set Friday to issue an EU arrest warrant for Catalonia's deposed leader over his region's tumultuous...

Spanish Prosecutor Asks for Arrest of Ousted Catalan Leader Puigdemont

A Spanish prosecutor on Thursday requested an international arrest warrant for deposed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and four other officials in Brussels. The prosecutor asked high court...

Catalonia’s Puigdemont Says He Will Face Charges in Spain

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont said on Tuesday that he and other officials from the semi-autonomous region will face up to charges from the Spanish...

Spanish Prosecutor Calls for Sedition Charges Against Catalan Leaders

Spain's public prosecutor called for sedition and embezzlement against Catalan leaders stemming from the region's declaration of independence.

Catalan Parliament Votes to Secede from Spain

The Catalan parliament on Friday approved a motion to secede from Spain and establish an independent state. In a secret ballot, a majority of lawmakers...

Catalonia Riddled With Tension, Uncertainty Amid Independence Turmoil

When 47-year-old photographer Mertxe Alarcon went to her parent’s home in Tarragona to celebrate her father’s 78th birthday last week, all hell broke loose...

Spain Arrests 12 Officials Ahead of Catalan Independence Referendum

Spain's Guardia Civil military police force on Wednesday raided government ministries and detained 12 officials involved in organizing the Catalan independence referendum. Among those detained...

Spain Preparing Criminal Charges Against Catalan Referendum Leaders

The top state prosecutor in Spain said Thursday that he would file criminal charges against the leaders of the Catalan referendum, an independence vote...