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A Defense of Canada’s Monarchy

Shared allegiance to a monarch who is seen as above politics preserves a sense that everyone is in the end on the same side; and the monarch, if he or she has kept themselves out of controversies, can serve as an honest broker in any real extremity. ​

Mysterious Illness Forces Canada to Pull Families of Diplomats Out of...

Canada announced Monday it was sending home the families of its diplomats in Cuba, after a probe into a mysterious illness failed to reveal a cause.

Canada, US to Host North Korea Crisis Talks in January

Canada and the US will host a summit of foreign ministers in Vancouver on January 16 to seek progress on the North Korean nuclear crisis.

Canada Presses for UN Peacekeeping Force in Ukraine

The Canadian government is making a significant diplomatic push to secure the establishment of a U.N. peacekeeping force in Ukraine.

Canada to Admit Almost a Million Immigrants by 2020

Canada will gradually increase the number of permanent residents and plans to welcome nearly 1 million new immigrants by 2020, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen...

Pakistani Troops Free 5 Foreigners Held by Haqqani Network for 5...

Pakistani troops rescued an American woman Caitlan Coleman, her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle and their three children who had been held by the Haqqani...