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Netanyahu’s Iran Nuke Claims Fail to Convince Deal Proponents

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's televised unveiling of an intelligence trove on Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions led to skepticism from backers of a landmark 2015 accord.

Bowing to Right-Wing Pressure, Netanyahu Cancels Refugee Deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled an agreement with the U.N. refugee agency on Tuesday aimed at avoiding forced deportations of thousands of African migrants only hours after having announced the deal himself.

Polish Ruling Party’s Crusade Against Judicial Independence

New regulations are springing up in Poland as the country's ruling right-wing party continues to reform the judiciary system.

Trump Withholds Palestinian Aid for ‘Disrespecting’ Mike Pence

President Donald Trump argues that Palestinians must come forth and discuss peace with Israel or risk losing millions in aid.

Indian Muslims Took to Streets to Protest Against Netanyahu’s Visit

Indian Muslims took to the streets as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the country with a six-day visit.

Israel Approves More Than 1,100 New West Bank Settlement Homes

Peace Now, an NGO that monitors Israeli settlement expansion, has reported that Israel has approved more than 1,100 new settlement homes in the West Bank.

Israel’s Netanyahu Calls for Closure of UN Palestinian Refugee Agency

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called for the closure of the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees.

Israeli Lawmakers Advance Bill on Death Penalty for ‘Terrorists’

The Israel's Parliament has approved a preliminary vote that would make it easier for the death penalty to be given to "terrorists."

Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital: Maintaining and Violating Status Quo

Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital is nothing more than a recognition of reality -- reactions may yet create new realities.