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Far-Right AfD Becomes Second Most Popular Party in Germany

Germany's far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) beat the centre-left Social Democrats and became the second most popular party in the country.

For Ambitious Macron, Trump’s America First is Welcome Step

President Trump's first state dinner will be with French President Emmanuel Macron. The event is highly anticipated due to the intensity of their previous handshakes and the gravity of the topics that must be discussed.

German Leaders Alarmed Over Resurgence of Anti-Semitism

German leaders are increasingly alarmed about a resurgence of anti-Semitism, stemming from an emboldened far right and an influx of refugees from countries hostile to Israel.

German Cities Ban Refugees Amid Struggles to Integrate Them

Several German cities have introduced bans on new asylum seekers' arrivals as communities struggle with refugee integration.

German Chancellor Merkel Warns of Rising Anti-Semitism on Holocaust Day

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned of rising anti-Semitism in her country on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, calling the development "shameful."

Germany to Cap Yearly Refugee Arrivals at About 200,000

Germany will limit the number of asylum seeker arrivals to around 200,000 annually under a draft coalition agreement sealed Friday.

Germany Vows to Fight Local and ‘Imported’ Anti-Semitism

Germany should appoint an anti-Semitism commissioner to counter growing hate speech against Jews and Israel, the interior minister said Sunday.

Tusk: EU Compromise on Migrants ‘Very Hard’

European leaders will find it "very hard" to reach a compromise in talks on a new policy for admitting refugees by a June deadline, EU President Tusk said.

France, Germany to Unveil Eurozone Reforms in March

Germany and France will offer their joint vision for reforming the eurozone by March, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday.

Germany’s Merkel to Hold Coalition Talks With SPD Next Week

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet leaders of the Social Democrats next week for exploratory talks on ending the country's political stand-off.

Germany Expels 27 Afghan Refugees Despite Protests

Germany said it had expelled 27 Afghan men, despite fierce protests from opponents who say it is not safe to return them to war-torn Afghanistan.

Germany’s Centre-Left Torn Over New Power Pact With Merkel

Germany's Social Democrats plan to decide Thursday whether or not to help Chancellor Merkel end months of political paralysis in Europe's biggest economy.

German Far-Right to Pick New Leaders as Protesters Rally

The far-right Alternative for Germany will leaders as police brace for potentially violent protests against the anti-migrant, anti-Islam party

Germany Faces Uncertainty After Coalition Government Talks Break Down

Germany is facing uncertainty after Chancellor Merkel's conservatives failed to form a coalition with two smaller parties.

German Parties Seek Compromise on Migrants, Climate Change

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc and two smaller parties are pushing hard to reach an agreement on climate change and immigration.

Germany’s Merkel Hopes to Form New Government as Political Divisions Continue

Germany has entered uncharted territory: nearly two months after the country held its general elections, three parties are attempting to form a coalition.