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Red Cross: Syria Aid Shifts to ‘Rehabilitation’ from ‘Emergency’

Providing humanitarian aid in war-ravaged Syria looks set to shift increasingly away from emergency, life-saving assistance towards rehabilitating devastated areas to help Syrians return home.

Aid Convoy Enters Syria’s Ghouta as Regime Presses Offensive

An international aid convoy entered Syria's Eastern Ghouta to deliver much-needed supplies as regime forces continued to advance toward the battered rebel enclave.

UN Suspends Work After Boko Haram Attack in Remote Nigerian Town

Humanitarian work has been suspended until next weekend in a remote town in northeast Nigeria after a Boko Haram attack killed three aid workers.

First Aid Convoy Enters Syria’s Afrin Since Assault by Turkey Began

An aid convoy entered Afrin in northwestern Syria on Thursday for the first time since Turkish-led fighters launched an assault on the Kurdish enclave in January, the Red Cross said.

First Aid Convoy This Year Enters Conflict-Torn Eastern Ghouta

The first aid convoy since November entered the Syrian rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta on Wednesday, after more than 250 civilians were killed last week.

US Withholds $65 Million in Palestinian Aid

The United States is threatening to withhold millions in aid to Palestine in calls for other nations to share the burden by stepping up to the plate.

Swiss Open Humanitarian Office in Damascus

The Swiss government said Thursday it had opened a "humanitarian office" in Damascus aimed at improving aid distribution and at monitoring and coordinating assistance programs on the ground.

15 Dead, 5 Hurt in a Stampede for Food Aid in...

Morocco's State TV reports that at least 15 people have died and 5 others have been injured in a stampede during food aid delivery.

South Korea Approves $8Mln in Humanitarian Aid to Pyongyang

South Korean authorities announced on Thursday that they would proceed with some $8 million in humanitarian aid to North Korea through U.N. agencies. The...

US To Contribute $32 Million in Aid to Displaced Rohingya

The U.S. Department of State announced on Wednesday that the United States will provide $32 million in humanitarian aid to Rohingya fleeing Myanmar amid...