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1,200 People Displaced by Boko Haram Return to Nigeria’s Bama

At least 1,200 of more than 100,000 people displaced by Boko Haram violence in Nigeria's northeastern town of Bama have returned, officials and returnees said Thursday.

Israel Changes Controversial Plan to Deport African Migrants

Israel announced Monday it had reached a deal with the U.N. refugee agency to cancel a controversial plan to deport African migrants and replace it with a new one.

African Migrants Start Hunger Strike Over Expulsion from Israel

Hundreds of African migrants launched a hunger strike to protest Israel's implementation of its controversial policy to expel or indefinitely imprison them.

Sudanese Police Beat Protesters Amid Rising Prices

Protests broke out in Sudan on Tuesday over soaring bread prices. A senior leader from the Communist Party, Siddig Yousif, was also arrested.

African Union Slams “Hurtful, Upsetting” Remark by Trump

The African Union said President Donald J. Trump's reported description of African nations as "shithole countries" broke with "accepted behavior."

Israel Plans to Force Out Thousands of African Migrants

Israel plans to force tens of thousands of African migrants to leave over the next three months by threatening to arrest those who stay.

US Seeks More Action From African Nations on North Korea

US Secretary of State Tilllerson called on African nations on Friday to do more to isolate North Korea, which seeks relationships with the continent.

European, African Ministers Vow to Better Protect Migrants

GENEVA (AFP) – Ministers from 13 European and African countries on Monday pledged steps to ease the migrant crisis around the Mediterranean, vowing especially...

Russia Begins Assisting Africa’s Sahel Region in Fighting Terrorism

Russia’s UN Envoy Nebenzya said on Tuesday that Moscow has begun assisting law enforcement agencies in Africa's Sahel region with fighting terrorism.