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Amid Influx of Refugees to Europe, Polish Authorities Dream of ‘re-Christianization’

While Europe struggles with an influx of refugees, Poland has taken a hard stance against migrants and dreams of "re-Christianizing" the continent. 
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Trump Blindness to Afghanistan’s Complexities Delays War Plan

The White House initially intended to unveil its grand strategy for Afghanistan in mid-July after President Donald J. Trump allegedly gave U.S. Defense Secretary...
Twitter transparency report terrorism accounts suspended

Twitter Begins Enforcing Rules on ‘Hateful, Abusive’ Content

Twitter said it began enforcing new rules Monday aimed at filtering out "hateful" and "abusive" content on the social network.
venezuelan maduro sanctions

US Slams Venezuelan Officials With Fresh Sanctions

The United States has imposed another round of sanctions on several Venezuelan officials linked to President Nicolas Maduro, falling short of hitting the country's...
Israelis and Palestinians Jerusalem East Jerusalem Israel

Jerusalem: Legitimizing Division and Dismissing Diversity

Israel has in fact controlled Jerusalem for decades, creating further divisions in the city it wants to “unite.” Trump's decision only fuels it.

The UK Is In Chaos: Can Theresa May Save It?

Back in March last year British politics appeared slightly more stable than it does today. Sure, we were in an uncertain territory in the...

Israel to Pay for Trump’s Decision to Recognize Jerusalem as Its Capital

The controversial step by US President Donald Trump will have its price, and Israel most certainly will have to pay for it.
Eastern Ghouta

Why US Striking Assad’s Syria Won’t Start World War III with Russia

The Russian axis of Russia-Iran-Syria has proven that their bark is much louder than their bite is deep.
Journalist Mohamed Ibrahim Gabow was killed outside his home in Somalia

Somali Journalist Killed in Front of His Children

A Somali television journalist was killed by a car bomb in front of his children, the fifth murder of a journalist in the war-torn country this year.


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Facebook Says 87 Million May Be Affected by Data Breach

Facebook said on Wednesday that personal data of as many as 87 million users was improperly shared with British political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. 

Iraqi Kurdistan Opposition Parties Resign from Government Cabinet

Iraqi Kurdistan opposition parties Gorran and KIG withdrew from the government and the Gorran party parliament speaker resigned

UN: 36,000 Migrant Children Need Help in Libya

U.N. agencies said Monday that some 36,000 migrant children, nearly 15,000 of whom are unaccompanied, require assistance in Libya.

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