13 Bosnian Muslims Arrested Over 1990s War Crimes

Bodies of people killed around Vitez in Bosnia in 1993
Bodies of people killed in April 1993 around Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo: Courtesy ICTY

SARAJEVO, Dec 4, 2017 (AFP) – Bosnian police on Monday arrested 13 Muslim citizens suspected of war crimes against ethnic Serbs in the south of the Balkan country during the 1992-1995 civil war, authorities said.

“These are former officials of the Bosnian army, territorial defence (forces) and the interior ministry, suspected of war crimes committed against several dozen Serbs” in the Konjic region, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

The 13 are suspected of “murders, torture, rapes, persecutions and expulsions” of civilians, the statement said.

Police said they had arrested the suspects in Konjic and the capital Sarajevo.

Last month Edhem Zilic, a former member of Bosnian Muslim forces who served as an official at a detention camp for Serbs in Konjic during the war, was sentenced to nine years in prison by a Sarajevo court.

Bosnia’s inter-ethnic war claimed 100,000 lives, while 2.2 million people were displaced.