Iraqi Security Forces Move on Rawa and Qaim Near Syrian Border

Iraqi troops move to Qaim and Rawa near Syria border after Hawija's capture in October 2017
Iraqi troops move to Rawa and Qaim near Syria border after Hawija's capture, October 12, 2017. Photo: @brett_mcgurk/Twitter

Iraqi Security Forces have moved towards Qaim and Rawa in west Anbar province near the border with Syria, to capture the remaining Islamic State-held territory in Iraq.

The area is the only remaining significant territory held by ISIS in the country, after the U.S.-led Coalition-backed ISF captured Tal Afar in August and Hawija earlier this month.

Anbar Police Commander Hadi Kasar told NRT on Wednesday that ISF had begun to move towards both towns, while Reuters reported that Iraq’s military said the offensive was about to be launched.

Earlier, the Iraqi Air Force dropped leaflets in the region which read “Your security forces are now coming to liberate you,” a statement from Joint Operations Command said.

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Iraqi Security Forces move on Rawa and Qaim near Syrian border