This T-Shirt Will Land You In Prison In Turkey

Turkey literally started imposing fashion rules. If you wear a T-shirt emblazoned with HERO, you will face a certain arrest.

1. How it all started

The whole saga started after a coup suspect, Gokhan Guclu, wore HERO t-shirt to the court hearing.

2. People Protested With Traitor (Hain) T-shirts

3. Traitor T-shirts Hanged During Protests

4. More Protests

Protesters held traitor T-shirts.

5. Just Like In Guantanamo.

Turkish designers rushed to produce uniforms after Erdogan ordered to introduce jumpsuits — “Just like Guantanamo.”

6. Hero Hunting Started

7. Arrests Were Made

8. Man Rounded Up When He Was Dining In Cafe

9. Some Have No Idea Why They Are Arrested

10. Anyone Wearing Hero T-Shirt Is Being Arrested

11. More Arrests Were Made

12. Some Didn’t Know It Was Crime Wearing This T-Shirt

13. And More Arrests

14. Turkey Literally Has Fashion Police