UNESCO monument in Quebec

New UNESCO Chief Brushes Off US Pullout

PARIS (AFP) – UNESCO's new chief on Monday brushed aside the United States' decision to walk out of the U.N. cultural body, saying the organisation had survived long periods without Washington before. Former French culture...
Iran earthquake death toll

At least 300 People Killed in Iran Earthquake

Iran's state-run news agency says the country's death toll in the powerful earthquake on Iran-Iraq border has risen to 328 people killed.

Germany’s Merkel Hopes to Form New Government as Political Divisions Continue

Germany has entered uncharted territory: nearly two months after the country held its general elections, three parties are attempting to form a coalition.

Amnesty International: Syrian Regime Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

Amnesty International said Sunday sieges by the Syrian regime of the country's population ahead of agreements with the opposition amount to war crimes.

At Least 61 Killed as Strong Quake Rocks Iran-Iraq Border

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook the mountainous Iran-Iraq border late Sunday killing at least 61 people and injuring hundreds more.

EU Brexit Chief Preparing for ‘Possible’ Failure in Talks With UK

E.U. Brexit chief Michel Barnier said Sunday that he is making contingency plans for the "possible" failure of divorce talks with Britain.

Diplomats: Arab League to Meet on Iran at Saudi Request

The Arab League will hold an extraordinary meeting next Sunday at the request of Saudi Arabia to discuss "violations" committed by Iran in the region.
Saad Hariri Hezbollah Iran

Resigned Lebanon Prime Minister Vows to Return to Beirut ‘Soon’

Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri pledged on Sunday he would return to Lebanon from Saudi Arabia "very soon," in his first interview since his resignation.
democracy autocracy APEC populism freedom rights

The First Wave of Autocracy

The era of democracy as the dominant ideology has gone. Stable countries with thriving economies and strongmen as rulers -- autocracy -- is the new trend.

Egypt’s Top Official to Tour Gulf Pushing for Political Solution to Rising Tensions

Egypt's Foreign Minister will embark on a Gulf tour to push for a political solution as tensions rise between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah.