A soldier on the Saudi-Yemen border

US Warns of Risk of Missiles from Yemen Hitting Saudi Arabia

The United States is warning Americans traveling to Saudi Arabia about the risk of ballistic missile attacks from neighboring Yemen.

FCC Chairman Sets Out to Repeal ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai on Tuesday followed through on his pledge to repeal 2015 net neutrality regulations.

Big Tobacco’s Anti-Smoking Ads to Begin Airing After Decade of Delay

Decades after they were banned from the airwaves, Big Tobacco companies return to prime-time television this weekend — but not by choice.

US Slaps Sanctions on North Korean, Chinese Companies

The administration of U.S. President Donald J. Trump imposed new sanctions Tuesday on a slew of North Korean shipping firms and Chinese trading companies.
Qatar Airways plane

Blocking Qatar: Saudi Arabia Plays a Dangerous Game of Power in the Gulf

Ahead of the annual GCC meeting, Qatar is not backing down despite a 5-month blockade on the country by Saudi Arabia and its allies.
Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, attends the 12th African Union summit in Ethiopia in 2012

Robert Mugabe Resigns as Zimbabwe’s President After 37 Years

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe resigned as president with immediate effect after 37 years in power, shortly after parliament began impeachment proceedings.
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani

UN Mission Urges Baghdad and Erbil to Start Political Negotiations

The UN Mission urged the governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan region to start talks after a court ruled Erbil's independence referendum unconstitutional.
Nigeria mosque bombing

Nigeria Police Say at Least 50 Killed in Mosque Bombing

A teenage suicide bomber attacked a mosque in northeastern Nigeria, killing at least 50 people in one of the region's deadliest assaults in years.
People watch a TV with footage of a missile test in North Korea

China Raises Doubts on US Policy on North Korea

China has said it hopes countries would do more to bring North Korea and others back to talks instead of making tensions worse.

Germany Faces Uncertainty After Coalition Government Talks Break Down

Germany is facing uncertainty after Chancellor Merkel's conservatives failed to form a coalition with two smaller parties.