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Best Cartoons Mocking Trump’s Muslim Ban

While demonstrators staged nationwide protests to reject President Donald J. Trump's ban on immigrants from 7 Muslim-majority countries, the controversial executive order has been...
Turkey prisons, Gulen movement, purge victims, gulenists

Turkey Is Building 50 New Prisons For Gulenists

The Turkish authorities are building more than 50 new prisons to accommodate expected new arrests of members of the Gulen movement, a senior government...
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian Presidential Elections: Authorities to Give Out Prizes for Votes

A new Russian government marketing campaign asks young people to take selfies at polling stations after voting in the March 2018 presidential election.

Conor McGregor Banned From Kicking Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor is prohibited from kicking or elbowing his rival Floyd Mayweather in a highly anticipated boxing match on Aug. 26. Ultimate Fighting Championship star...

Turkey Fires 4,000 Public Workers In Latest Purge

The Turkish president has signed twin executive decrees to fire nearly 4,000 public employees, shut down one newspaper and one magazine as well as...

Turkey Blocks Social Media To Curb Street Protests

It is now a tradition: A bombing attack, media crackdown or mass arrest of dissenting voices is quickly followed by an assault on the...
nationalistic rhetoric nationalism anti-Western Erdogan campaign

With Jerusalem Decision, Anti-Western Fervor Sweeps up Turkey

People in Turkey are currently swept up in nationalistic fervor, whipped up by country's populist president Erdogan, following Trump's Jerusalem decision.
Rohingya refugees

Bangladesh Authorities: UN to Take Part in Rohingya Repatriation

The United Nations will be involved in the controversial process of returning Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Myanmar, a minister said Monday.
Yemen starvation, Saudi strategy, Muslim scholars, duplicity

UN: More Than 32,000 Yemenis Forced to Flee Homes in 2 Months

Intensified hostilities in Yemen have forced more than 32,000 people to flee their homes in the past two months, the United Nations said.


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Now is Not the Time to Call for Trump’s Impeachment

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