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Turkey And Greece Are Again At Each Other’s Throats

Greek islands are favorite vacation spots for affluent Turks. But when they are visited by Turkish military officers, it is a sign of escalating tensions...
Windmill near the COP23 climate meeting in Bonn, Germany with coal plant in the background

Leaders Join France’s Macron to Discuss Climate Cash Crunch

French President Emmanuel Macron gathered world leaders Tuesday to talk about climate finance, two years to the day since 195 nations adopted the Paris Agreement to stave off worst-case-scenario global warming.

Masked Men Set Fire to Russian Rights Group’s Office

Prominent rights group Memorial had their office firebombed by two masked men a week after their leader was arrested on dubious drug charges.

Theresa May’s Colossal Miscalculation

Only a month ago, most opinion polls in Britain were forecasting a massive majority for the center-right Conservative Party and electoral oblivion for the...

Cannabization of Albania Shapes Political Debate in Country

TIRANA, Albania – Even though Albania is still just a candidate to become a new member of the European Union, it has already become...
pacifism, terrorist, Gulen movement, purge, enemy of state, coup attempt

Turkey’s Enemies of State: Irony of Pacifist ‘Terrorist’

When the coup attempt happened on July 15th, 2016, it was immediately blamed on the Gulen movement in Turkey. People within the movement had already given up the...
trump sanctions russia

Trump Signs ‘Seriously Flawed’ Russian Sanctions Bill

President Donald J. Trump has reluctantly signed a bill on Wednesday imposing new sanctions on Russia, complaining that the bill is “seriously flawed” since...

Seven Ethnic Rakhine Killed as Myanmar Police Fire on Riot

Thousands of ethnic Buddhists gathered to protest the Myanmar government in the Western Rakhine state when police opened fire on the crowd.
isis drugs raqqa

Iraq Hangs 38 Members of ISIS, al-Qaeda for ‘Terrorism’

Iraq hanged 38 jihadists belonging to the Islamic State group or al-Qaeda for terrorism offenses, provincial authorities said.


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