France Denies Citizenship to Muslim Woman Who Refused Handshake

France's highest administrative court has upheld a decision to deny a French passport to an Algerian Muslim who refused to shake hands with officials during her citizenship ceremony.

End of An Era: Castro Steps Down as Diaz-Canel Becomes Cuba’s...

Cuba marked the end of an era on Thursday as Miguel Diaz-Canel was formally elected as the country's new president, succeeding Raul Castro.

Child Maids in Morocco Suffer Like ‘Slaves’

A study carried out in 2010 by non-governmental bodies reported that Morocco had between 66,000 and 80,000 domestic workers aged under 15.

Is Myanmar Using Facebook as an Accomplice to Tyranny?

The efficient deployment of propaganda is a central tenet in the playbook used to concentrate power. Myanmar is no stranger to that playbook.

Secret CIA Trip to N.Korea Raises Odds for Trump-Kim Summit

President Trump confirmed that his CIA chief took part in secret talks in North Korea, the most significant sign that an improbable summit between the US leader and Kim Jong-Un will go ahead.

500 Syrian Refugees Leave Southern Lebanon to Return Home

Around 500 Syrian refugees left southern Lebanon on Wednesday under an agreement between authorities in Beirut and Damascus that provides for their return to their home country.

Austria to Seize Refugees’ Mobile Phones and Demand Cash

The Austrian cabinet approved new measures on Wednesday requiring asylum seekers to hand over their mobile phones and up to 840 euros ($1,040) in cash to the authorities.

Korean Peace is in Your Hands, Mr. Trump

North Korea has actually been very consistent about what it wants for the last thirty years: normalized relations with the U.S. Washington, on the other hand, has been much less consistent about its goals.

Rape-Killing of 7-Year-Old Heightens Outrage in India

The body of a seven-year-old girl who had been raped and strangled was found in India Tuesday, compounding outrage over a series of horrific sexual attacks on women or girls.

Murder of 8-Year-Old in India is Used to Polarize Communities, Normalize...

The rape and murder of an eight-year-old tribal Muslim girl in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir has become an issue of national outrage.

Mysterious Illness Forces Canada to Pull Families of Diplomats Out of...

Canada announced Monday it was sending home the families of its diplomats in Cuba, after a probe into a mysterious illness failed to reveal a cause.

Will Syria Strikes Plunge US-Russia Ties to All-Time Low?

How the Trump administration acts in the aftermath of the chemical attack in Syria's Douma is significant for relations between the U.S. and Russia.

Pakistan Watchdog Blasts Country Over Rights Record

Pakistan's leading watchdog slammed on Monday the nation's deteriorating human rights record, highlighting extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances across the turbulent country.

Journalist Looking into Russia’s ‘Shadow Army’ in Syria Dies After Balcony...

A Russian journalist who wrote on Moscow's "shadow army" in Syria has died after falling from the balcony of his fifth-floor flat, but investigators said on Monday that his death was not treated as suspicious.

Going Anti-American to Go Pro-American: North Korea’s Nuclear Agenda

After long years of self-reclusion, why did Kim Jeong-Un suddenly withdrew his dogged insistence on wielding nuclear weapons and partially yielded to the demands of the US and the global community?

Trump Hails Syria Strikes: ‘Mission Accomplished!’

President Donald J. Trump on Saturday hailed a U.S.-led missile assault on Syria's regime as "perfectly executed," despite the limited nature of the strikes and Russia's condemnation.

UN Chief Urges Restraint After Strikes on Syria

UN Chief Antonio Guterres on Saturday called for restraint and for countries to avoid any acts that could escalate the situation in Syria after the US, France and Britain carried out strikes.

What’s the Fate of Chibok Schoolgirls Who Escaped Boko Haram?

As Nigeria on Saturday marks the fourth anniversary of the mass abduction that captured world attention, some of the ones that got away are unhappy and feel abandoned. 

Russian Authorities Block Telegram Messaging App

A court in Moscow ruled on Friday to block the popular messaging app Telegram in Russia, after the company refused to give state security services access to private conversations. 

Outrage After 8-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped and Killed in India

Demonstrations were held in New Delhi, and other cities as horrific details emerged of the murder of the 8-year-old Muslim girl, who was repeatedly raped while being held for five days in the city of Kathua in Jammu.