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Trump’s AG Pick Sessions Vows To Stand Up For Trump

By Julia Edwards Ainsley U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's choice for attorney general promised on Tuesday to stand up to Trump, his close ally and future boss,...




Trump, Mahmoud Abbad, Palestine, Israel, peace

Trump: We Have ‘Best Shot Ever’ For Peace ‘In The Whole of Middle East’

In a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, President Donald J. Trump expressed his hope for a lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis...

Russian and Syrian Force Crossed Euphrates Near Deir Ezzor, Coalition Confirms

A spokesperson for the U.S.-led Coalition confirmed on Wednesday that Russian and Syrian government forces have crossed the Euphrates river near Deir Ezzor, not...
Rohingya Muslims, US, aid, UN, persecution

US To Contribute $32 Million in Aid to Displaced Rohingya

The U.S. Department of State announced on Wednesday that the United States will provide $32 million in humanitarian aid to Rohingya fleeing Myanmar amid...




deir ezzor coalition sdf syria

US-Led Coalition Says Russia Struck, Injured SDF Troops Near Deir Ezzor

Russian jets reportedly struck U.S.-backed forces fighting against the Islamic State in eastern Syria, a sign of growing rivalry in Deir Ezzor where allies...
neighborhood watches. Istanbul, Turkey, police

Turkey Introduces Neighborhood Watches In Istanbul Amid Controversy

In a new government project launched during the state of emergency, 386 neighborhood watches will begin on Monday to scout streets and their neighborhood...

Turkey’s Lost Democracy And Hope of Justice March

Turkish history is full of ironies. In 2002, the Justice and Development Party, or the AKP, came to power by promising to bring ‘justice’...


Rethinking Moderation Amid Decay And Decadence In American Democracy

Lots of Americans decry the ugly condition of American politics. They are not wrong. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans have become positively...