PHOTOS: Some Of Best Banners In Muslim Ban Protests

Some of the best banners displayed during Muslim Ban protests across the United States.

1. I Was Beaten Once

2. Mike Pence

3. Muslims in Uniform

4. Christians Against Muslim Ban

5. End the Muslim Ban

6. Fought Next To Muslims

7. No To Muslim Ban

8. Love My Muslim Neighbors

9. Hitler-In-Chief

10. I Will Walk With You

11. We Are Humans Too

12. Ban Bannon, Not My Grandma

13. I Am Not Free…

14. Humanity Calling

15. Free Legal Help

16. Nowhere Else To Go

17. Free Hugs

18. Black Muslim Lives Matter

19. We Are All Muslims Now

20. Not On My Watch

21. Welcome

22. Jesus Was A Refugee

23. Never Again

24. Build This Wall

25. I Don’t Bite

26. No USA

27. Inshallah We Will

28. Not Today

29. Muslim Married To A Jew

30. Auschwitz

31. Go Ask Anne Frank

32. No Allegiance

33. No Human Is Illegal

34. Neighbor Is a Moral Concept

35. Trump Out, Refugees In

36. Step Up

37. Y’ALL

38. Refugees Are Welcome



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