Sheriff Clarke, Tough On Domestic Crime, Is Potential HomSec Nominee

Photo: AP

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. will meet with President-elect Donald J. Trump in New York on Monday and is rumored to be nominated to lead Homeland Security.

Clarke was shot into national fame during the electoral campaign as a Trump surrogate and is known for his tough stance to deal with homegrown radicalized suspects. A registered Democrat, Clarke might be vetted by Trump’s transition team as a possible nominee for the Department of Homeland Security. Trump may also appoint Clarke as an adviser.

Clarke’s office declined to comment on what topics the sheriff is expected to discuss with the president-elect.

Clarke has said in his upcoming memoir that U.S. citizens suspected of being terrorists should be classified as “enemy combatants”, need to be questioned without an attorney present and could be held in custody indefinitely. He also said the cases of these suspects should be handled by military tribunals, not local or federal courts.

Clarke also raised concerns when he denounced Black Lives Matter activists as “a bunch of thugs, a bunch of creeps, criminals, race-hustlers.”